4 Important Things That You Must Know about UAE Labour Law

Labour laws in UAE are made so that it can be assured to the employers as well as employees that they do have rights. Not just rights but also duties. Yes, the labour laws give the people a great idea about what they should do and what should be done to them. both of these things matter a lot once you are ina company and are providing your services to them. UAE labour law is such a complex category of laws and a great number if laws come under this category. This is the reason why there are separate lawyers which deal with the labour law and help the people who have issues regarding them.

when people start doing a job, they are actually not fully aware of the goods and bads of the job. This is because they overlook so many things in the glamour of getting the job. This is what makes the things worst. Here are some of the important things that you must know about the labour law UAE;

  • First of all, every employee must be well aware of the type of the contract he is working in. there are different contracts which are followed by the employees and if they do not have the knowledge regarding their contract, they might end up having problems at the end of their job. This can cause problems related to gratuity at the time of termination as well. this is because UAE labour law termination gratuity is calculated according to the sort of the contract
  • All the employees must know the fact that no amount can be deducted from their salary. This is their basic right because this is what they work for. So, if anyone tries to cut down some amount from your pay, you can consult the concerned authorities urgently.
  • Employees get maternity leave for almost 45 days whenever it is needed. It is to be noted here that the people who are on maternity leave to get their full pay and nothing is cut from it at all during the whole of their leave. In addition to that, if a person is not feeling well or is having some sort of illness, he can claim 100 more holidays on full pay as well.
  • UAE gratuity calculation is also one of those important things which every employee should know. End of gratuity payment is provided to the employees after the termination of their service to the company. people need to calculate it in a proper way. it is basically the benefit that is granted to the employees at the end of their service. Similarly, there are proper UAElabour laws for resignation as well. if someone is not having the knowledge regarding these laws, he can get ditched by the companies and they can take away what the employee deserves as well. this is why everybody should have a great idea regarding the laws that are operated in UAE. it is really necessary and helpful as well.

So many changes keep in coming in the labour laws as well. if a particular law was operated as a UAE labour law in 2017, there are chances that it gets vanished and a new UAE labour law in 2018 takes its place. So being aware can be beneficial if you don’t want to lack behind.

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