Accident in Roller Coaster

Roller coaster fanatics travel great distances to experience the high-altitude and dangerously fast rides that they offer. Unfortunately, roller coaster accidents might and they do happen. In 2016, it was estimated that out of the injuries treated in hospitals, 30,900 of them were from amusement parks.  In most cases, amusement parks treat such cases with utmost confidentiality and settle the matter quickly so as not to lose business. An accident in roller coaster is often severe and can even result in death. Some of the most common roller coaster accidents include:-

  • Death as a result of being thrown off the ride due to the failure of the safety harness
  • Strained or sprained neck resulting from steep embankments
  • Lacerations or even broken bones due to colliding with roller coaster cars
  • Traumatic brain injuries due to impacts
  • Stroke due to neck injuries
  • Neck, head and back injuries due to suddenly being whipped around  

Who is liable in case of a roller coaster accident?

Different parties can be held liable in the event of such an accident. The first determinant is the cause of the accident and whether anything could have been done to prevent it. Roller coasters use heavy equipment and parts, and it is the owner’s responsibility to oversee any maintenance and safety procedures. The different parties that might be held liable include:-

  • People responsible for the roller coaster’s assembly
  • Persons responsible for its repair, maintenance, and upkeep
  • The manufacturer of the roller coaster for producing a defective product
  • The ride’s operator for overlooking such things as fastening of seatbelts.

What should you do in case of a roller coaster accident?

Most amusement parks have huge insurance policies due to the numerous risks involved in running them. In case of an accident, most of them will probably try to use the insurance claim to pay the victim or victims. You need the services of an accident injury advocate to provide you legal advice and explain your rights.

Apart from the injury-related costs, they will advise on any intangible costs such as pain and suffering for which you might be eligible for. Your injury accident attorney will advise on whether you should sue for negligence from the park officials and employees to prove liability. An attorney will have your best interests in the process of your compensation negotiations and any court appearances.

Once the case is over, you might get compensation for medical bills incurred, lost wages as you were recuperating, and pain and suffering. In case you lost a relative, you might get compensated for wrongful death. has the some of the most competent legal professionals to handle your roller coaster accident. We understand the turmoil that such accidents cause and we, therefore, charge nothing to evaluate your case. Also, we will charge you no legal fees unless we win or settle your case. We will walk you through the legal process and explain your options at each stage. Call us on 1-800-248-6822 for a free consultation. We avail our services 24 hours every day.

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