Bail Bond Service in Houston, Texas

After a judge sets bails, the person being charged with said offense has the option of staying in custody until the end of trial or paying the full amount of bail in cash. Depending on the size of the bail and the offense type, this can lead to the needs of a bail bonds service in Houston, Texas. Without a bail bond, individuals can stay in jail for extended periods of time.

A bail bond service in Houston offers many different types of bones including federal, cash, collateral, surety, online, unsecured and property. A professional bail bonds specialist will discuss with you your needs and make an arrangement that offers your loved one freedom during the duration of their particular trial.

This bail bond company posts most of the bail in exchange for collateral. The first option is to post 10% of the bond amount in order to be release, which is nonrefundable. The second option is for a co-signer to offer some type of collateral in case the defendant does not appear in court, in which the bail money is then forfeited. This acts as a type of insurance. It allows the defendant to be release from jail on the condition that they will appear at court on a specific date and time. If they don’t appear, the court keeps the bail money and the bail bond company can seize the collateral from the loan.

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Houston bail bonds can happen fast, sometimes in just 15 minutes with an Express service. Bail bond companies are available around the clock to ensure quick release for your loved one. Co-signers and/or defendants can make payments easily to apply for bonds too. The application is filled out by the co-signer with contact information, collateral and employer information. After this occurs, the bail bonds company pays the bail and the individual is release. After their release, their responsibility is to show up at court to avoid losing the bail money.

Ultimately, looking for bail bonds in Houston is simple. It takes just one phone call to arrange bail and for a quick release from jail for your loved one. Be ready with their name, location, ID number and any other required helpful details for the bail bonds specialist. This will help speed up the process too. A bail bonds professional can help you through the process and answer any questions you have too. By having all the required information ready, you speed up the process and will see your loved one sooner than later.

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