Checklist: First Car Accident Case Consultation

Your first car accident case consultation is a decisive meeting. What happens during that consultation will determine the rest of your working relationship with your personal injury attorney. The goal of your attorney during your first consultation will be to understand the incident that prompted you to contact them. For this reason, the attorney, such as Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP, will want gather as much information and evidence as possible from you so as to help you build a strong case.

What should you bring?

When coming for your first car accident case consultation, you are expected to be prepared with certain information. You are also expected to bring some documents along with you. These information and documents will help the attorney evaluate your case properly and understand it well enough to make a strong case.

We have prepared a checklist below to help with your preparation for your first consultation. This list will help you have a smooth consultation with your personal injury attorney.

  • Information Checklist – Names and Addresses
  • The ambulance service that picked you up
  • The emergency room where you were attended to
  • All the doctors that attended to you after the accident (business address
  • Chiropractors that examined you
  • Everyone that witnessed the accident
  • All the insurance adjustors you have discussed with (name and telephone number will be good enough)
  • Information Checklist – Relevant lists
  • A list of all the people who were involved in the accident
  • Everyone you have talked to about the accident or your injuries
  • Information Checklist – Relevant dates
  • Dates of hospitalization, if you were admitted in the emergency room or hospital
  • Dates of absence from work because of the accident

Document Checklist

The core evidences for your case is in the documents you are able to supply. The information checklist will only support or build upon the pieces of evidence from the documents you supply. You want to prove, with documents, that the accident was as you described. You should also bring documents that show that you sustained injuries from the accident and that you suffered some damages due to those injuries.

Below is a checklist of documents you should bring along:

  • Copies of official reports
  • The accident report
  • Medical reports
  • Any written statements

It is possible that you could not get a copy of the accident report. In this case, make sure you get the name and precinct number of the police officer that took the report at the accident scene. The attorney can contact the officer to request a copy.

  • Financial Documents
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for medications
  • Vouchers or receipts for purchases made because of the accident
  • Receipts for repair expenses due to the accident
  • Your insurance policies (if any and where applicable)
  • Automobile insurance policy
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Disability insurance policy
  • Veterans insurance policy

You can present your coverage certificate in lieu of the insurance policy, so far as it sets forth the kind of coverage, and the policy limits.

You can also go with all correspondence between you and any of your insurers concerning the accident, the injuries you sustained, and/or the damages incurred.

A good attorney is zealous about protecting your rights and helping you build a strong case. You must, however, bear in mind that how well you handle your first meeting will go a long way in determining how well your attorney can handle your case.

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