Common Things Your Divorce Attorney Wishes To Tell You But Has not

Lawyer and client relationship is one that is generally considered to be sacred.  It is not unbelievable because your lawyer is believed to be the holder of your interest.  They know everything about your lawsuits – be it divorce or custody.  Hence, they are expected to be absolutely confident about your case both in public and within their circle.

Generally, divorce cases exert a lot of pressure on the client and the attorney.  Since both sides of the coin are affected, it means you have a good understanding of the hassles of the lawyer.  Now consider that the lawyer has other clients as yourself, how do you think you will cope if you were in their shoes?

What most people fail to acknowledge is the fact that divorce attorneys work very hard to satisfy their clients.  Whether the good or bad result is achieved, some form of appreciation is not too much to give the lawyer for their time and efforts.  Some bad clients hardly utter words of encouragement when they lose their divorce cases; which is unrewarding.

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Thus, some lawyers may keep mum about a lot of things because of the need to maintain the relationship between you two.  Below are the things your attorney wants to tell you:

  1.     Your Calls are Persistent

Most lawyers want to tell their clients that they call too often.  You will be astonished by this fact when you are handed your legal bill at the end of the month.  If your retainer agreement states that your attorney gets paid on an hourly basis, you have to pay for their time as stated.

Instead, allow your attorney contact you when the need arises.  The best method is to urge your lawyer to give periodic updates about the case.  You may check in as often as possible but it is totally unnecessary to call your lawyer from time to time.  This will only lead to higher costs.

Another substitute may be to resolve issues with your better half.  Always weight the gravity of the situation before getting your attorney involved.  Trustworthy clients may advise you to let it go because it is a trivial case. But if you persist, then you have to pay your bills without complaining.

  1.     You do not Help Him to Help You

You must always make your attorney feel like the advocate he is supposed to be.  Do not expect him to read your mind. If you do not tell him enough or allow him access to important documents regarding the case, he will not perform his duties effectively.  

For your lawyer to help you, you have to help him prepare.  Provide necessary documents where and when necessary. In fact, this may cut down on costs as it will reduce the time needed by the lawyer to search for these documents by themselves.  Remember that an attorney will charge you for the time spent on a case. Hence, use it wisely.

  1.     He will Stop Representing you as You Have Failed to Pay Your Bills

You pay your attorneys for their knowledge, services, and time.  You should also realize that your attorney has other clients and may quit working with you if you do not pay him.  Do not expect your attorney to work for free (except in special cases or relationships).

Where money becomes an issue, have a conversation with your attorney and update them about your financial state.  An understanding attorney with whom you have cultivated a healthy relationship will cut you some slacks.

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