Coordinating Child Custody During Holidays

While holidays are meant to be joyous moments for a family to spend time together with children and enjoy family gatherings, it can be a struggle for families of divorce. In fact, many parents encounter conflicts regarding the issue of sharing custody of children during the holiday season. However, with some professional help and the right mindset scheduling visitations and coordinating custody during holidays can be accomplished without too much hassle. Here are some quick tips to help you avoid conflicts during this holiday season when coordinating child custody.

Determine Your Priorities

Take time to reflect critically and evaluate how some holidays are important to you than others. For instance, while the other parent may have a greater attachment to thanksgiving, you may favor Christmas or New Year. If you have a healthy discussion with your co-parent about scheduling your child’s visitation based on your favorite holidays, chances are you might negotiate a compromise and agree on something suitable for both parties. In fact, you can even compromise to share the day if you live close enough rather than having wrangles on the subject.

Plan Ahead

When you start to plan early, you get enough time to sort out identify problematic areas and sort them out before they escalate. It is not wise to plan the child custody dates when rushing through other issues such as coordinating travel plans or shopping for gifts. Likewise, your child is also excited about the upcoming holidays and would wish to know and plan where he or she will be spending the holidays. Planning earlier will give you enough time to plan on how to have a memorable experience with your child during the holiday instead of wasting the quality time battling with your co-parent.

Write Down Your Plan

The initial stages of the negotiations can be handled over the phone or through emails, but once you have consulted widely with your UtahDivorce.Biz attorney and agreed on various terms, you need to memorialize it by writing it down. In addition, you should make sure the written form of the agreement is signed by both parties to validate its contents. The custody agreement will serve as evidence in your favor in case the other parent decides to ignore its terms.

Moreover, it is possible for some facts and details to get lost on long emails or too much back and forth between you and your co-parent. Once you have spell out the details of your consultations to your lawyer, everything will be documented for future use. Ensure that every little detail concerning your family schedule over the holiday is clearly defined and included in the document in an organized and neutral setting. That will allow the family to know what to expect and prepare for the holidays peacefully.

Unfortunately, not all child custody conflicts can be prevented. If you think that coordinating child custody with your co-parent is an issue that raises legal concerns or your co-parent has failed to adhere to the terms of your agreement, then contact The Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC today by calling 801-263-7078 or contacting the office online. Attorney David Pedrazas will help you understand your legal options and guide in finding a smooth resolution to the child custody conflict.

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