Crowdfunding to reduce food wastage

For a country that ranks 63rd out of 88 in the Global Hunger Index, food wastage is not an option for us. A recent statistic revealed that India wastes as much food as the whole of the United Kingdom consumes. Another statistic revealed that 40% of the food produced in India is most likely to get wasted. About 21 million tonnes of wheat is wasted every year. Not only are these statistics shocking, but also horrifying, because it makes you think of all the people who sleep hungry several nights in a row, when in fact there is enough food produced every year to feed them all. Addressing this issue sooner rather than later is a necessary step for the development of our country. At Impact Guru, we are dedicated to ensuring that people with food waste reduction initiatives are able to get all the financial aid they need through our crowdfunding India platform.

Set up a food distribution system

The ‘dabbawalas’ in Mumbai are renowned all over the world for they way they operate their business, and rarely ever have a glitch in operations. The very same dabbawalas were also the pioneers of an extremely important initiative that was aimed at reducing food wastage. As they picked up peoples dabbas after lunch, they realized that a lot of them felt like they were uneaten or partially uneaten. They set up a system where they would be notified by the person if there were leftover in their dabba, and the dabbawalas would collect the food and feed it to the poor. In doing so, today they are able to feed 300-400 poor people daily. That said, their initiative alone is not enough to reduce food wastage of the entire nation. We must learn from them to implement similar food collection and distribution networks, so that eventually less sleep hungry at night, and less food is wasted. All such initiative may need a financial kickstart to streamline operations. Crowdfunding platforms in India can provide the financial help, as well as make people aware about such initiatives through their online fundraising strategies.

Create awareness about the need to reduce food wastage

Food distribution systems are an excellent solution to a very real problem. But we also need to address the issue at the very roots of it. Children, parents, families, and businesses in the food industry too have a responsibility to adopt sustainable habits that reduce food wastage. This is why we also encourage simple campaigns that are aimed at raising awareness about waste reduction and sustainability in storage, cooking and eating habits. Some fundraising ideas in this area could include:

  • Workshops for parents and cooks in households
  • Educating school children on not wasting the food packed for them
  • Teaching waste reduction techniques to restaurateurs, and helping them implement it
  • Online campaigns to spread awareness over the internet

Innovative technology for food waste

Lastly, there are certain innovations that have already become popular, and more importantly, the innovators have been able to create such technology with the help of crowdfunding campaigns. A brilliant example is an innovation that converts food waste into cooking gas.

If you’re passionate about this, or another related cause, we encourage you to fuel any initiative in this area by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru.

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