Experienced and Respected Criminal Defense Attorneys

Law is a system of rules that are created by social and governmental organization to supervise behavior. Pawelek and Gale Attorneys at law, where respected and experienced lawyers will fight to defend the client’s fundamental rights can be hired for any of the legal cases. They are supportive to their client needs and care about their cases. They defended thousands of clients in criminal cases like Drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, DUI and White collar crimes. By achieving proper results from clients that have extending legal needs allows them to stand with confidence.

How attorneys help?

  • They develop intense and best case procedure.
  • They are relevant and dedicated towards their clients.
  • They have the policy that if you should have been accused, you should not have to surrender your whole life because of one fault.
  • They understand the emotional and financial affect that criminals and their families had to suffer so they work at the most affordable price.

Types of cases they handle

Their areas of practice or the types of cases they handle are:

Criminal Laws – criminal defence lawyers represent clients that are arrested for aggravated assault, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI defence, fraud crimes, gun crimes, murder, sex, theft violent and white collar crimes. The lawyers will meet with you to closely analyze the situation that led to your arrest.

Juvenile law – this law is for those who are not old enough to be responsible for their crime. The lawyers have to work on the cases like truancy, purchase of tobacco, alcohol or pornography. Other areas juvenile law can include underage smoking and drinking, abortion laws, sexual abuse and teen pregnancy.

Personal Injury – If you have been injured in a car accident, lawyers are here to help you in these types of cases. They make sure that you will receive fair rectification and get support you need from insurance companies.

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