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Lemon law is used in case of a car’s defect that is constant for a certain time. It is basically formed for the customers who are dealing with lemon cars. A car is considered to be a lemon when the car has some substantial defect within the warranty period. Substantial defects are considered as the faults occurred in the car that affects its use or value or safety within a definite time period or some definite miles. If you are living in the state of New Jersey, and you got a car that has turned lemon, well, you can find a good Lemon Law attorney NJ, easily. He can represent you against the manufacturer of your car that too free of cost. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the attorney will go on for the court, his expertise and all the legal works.

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Working of lemon law

The lemon law specifies that the car buyer is eligible for the case if his car got out of service within a specified duration of time which is generally within 30 days, still the defect remains or the car got service for three or more times, then too, the defect remains or the car suffers severe defects at a predefined number of times (excluding some states). These defects may be brake failure, or broken staring and the defect remains.

No worries for sellers: The manufacture may be given a letter of the last chance by the states to notify imminent of the case. Lemon Law attorney PA applies against manufacturer not the sellers. Lemon law makes the manufacturer to care of the lemon car. If the defect of your car gets repaired and remains in that position, then the lemon law does not apply on your case. When your car will be proved lemon then you will be provided with the replacement of your car with another car that has equal value as yours.

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