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Are you in the need of hiring an immigration attorney to handle your US immigration process? Well, you can hire immigration lawyer Joshua L. Goldstein. He is one of the leading attorneys serving in the Los Angeles area and offers professional legal services to clients.

No matter, whatever law area in which you need assistance, he renders you a better service in areas such as family-based immigration, citizenship and naturalization, deportation and removal defense.

His law office has a team of professional and experienced attorneys who have experience and knowledge in handling all sorts of cases. Since they are passionate about their work, they help you avail the immigration benefits that you seek.

Before hiring them, you can even set up a consultation with any one of their experienced attorneys. They will answer all your immigration-related questions, queries, and address your concerns a well.

A brief introduced about Joshua L. Goldstein

Joshua L. Goldstein is the founding partner of the worldwide known and award-winning immigration law firm called as the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein. You can access his law firm office in Los Angeles and Boston. Through his leadership and sustainable experience, he has earned a stellar national reputation.

He is also a member of the Los Angeles County bar association immigration section and Southern California AILA. He also has proven record of winning a plethora range of complex and difficult immigration cases. This is especially focused on getting O and P visas for musicians, actors, and athletes.

Not only this, he also handles cases such as citizenship, deportation defense, employment-based immigration, green cards through marriage and so on. He is chosen as the Super lawyer by his peers and the highest rating lawyer by the lawyer directory AVVO.

Reasons to hire US immigration lawyer

Are you thinking about the reasons for hiring an immigration lawyer in the US instead of others? Well, immigration law is one of the most difficult types of US law, which is also changing constantly. Thus, an experienced and well-versed attorney knows all ins and outs in the law and procedure.

Additionally, they know how to determine eligibility for every case and get success without experiencing any problem or delay. Hiring the immigration lawyer Joshua L. Goldstein makes the immigration process smooth and more efficient.

He also assists you to avoid making errors, which could influence your application as well as immigration status in the US largely. In addition to, he will save your time, money and stress in the end. Moreover, their experienced attorney team is always ready to help you in any way.

In general, Goldstein law firm charges a fee of $200 for the immigration consultation. This fee is finally credited towards your bill in the event when you decide to work with them. You can get their assistance through email, phone, Skype, or other form of virtual meeting. With the credit card, money order, or in cash, you can pay your consultation fee.

For some cases, they also provide a free consultation for the corporate clients including employers. Because of these reasons, many people seek help from the Goldstein.  

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