Protect Your Practice from Cyber Threats with a Secured Centralized Solution

Having a secured centralized solution for your legal practice is your best chance of protecting yourself and your clients against cybersecurity threats. Many practices nationwide have not updated any of their systems, leaving them vulnerable to external threats that could cost them time, money, and clients.


It’s important to know how to protect yourself, your employees, your systems, and your data from the threat of external invasion by implementing a secured centralized solution for all of your processes from payments, data storage, and internal and external communications.


Business Security

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You should always begin implementing changes at the business level. Understand the processes associated with your practice and the relationships that you have with vendors, partners, and clients. If you understand the critical aspects of your practice and how it functions, you can identify gaps in security.


Think about how you deliver invoices and how your clients pay. Evaluate how you collect other personal and confidential data and distribute forms and information. These data exchanges and data storage are vulnerable to threats. Check with other departments to see how they share data to make sure you’re all on the same page.


Key Components


Consider evaluating some other critical areas of access to ensure you facilitate secure processes in all areas of your business. Single sign-on solutions are great for employees because they enable ease of secure access to all systems for all users.


Implement multi-factor authentication for all users so if they forget their password, they can easily access the system via a secondary method. This ensures that if someone attempts to access an internal system, they will not obtain unauthorized access because they don’t have control of the backup method of authentication.


The Solution

It’s important to centralize your access points, payments, and data storage, so it’s easily accessible by all appropriate parties and easy to secure. As discussed, single sign-on credentials and multi-factor authentication is the best way to secure access to all portals and systems.


If you take payments from clients, the best way to do this is via a centralized payment processing system. Instead of taking cashier’s checks and money orders, set up a third-party payment processor that has already jumped through security hoops and regulations and knows the ropes when it comes to keeping this premium data safe.

The best option for securing data is moving it to the cloud. Secure all sensitive information on a centralized database, so it’s less vulnerable to breaches. Most cloud hosting solutions offer increased security at a lower cost than you attempting to host it yourself.

Cloud hosting solutions also have backup measures in place, so your data doesn’t get lost. Special layers of encryption are available to help protect your data from external exposure, and you can choose which solution has the best security for you.

If you’re looking to protect your practice from cyber threats, consider using secured centralized solutions like cloud-based storage, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on capability, and a secure payment processor.

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