Regulations Regarding CBD in the UK

CBD has been one of the most talked-about products for the past few years. Its benefits and wonders have led to more people getting interested in it, leading to a higher demand for the product. Users also have more options to choose from nowadays as there are now other products that contain CBD like CBD capsules or a hemp oil spray. This recent surge in demand for CBD has led to a lot of people asking whether these products are legal or not. Let’s look at the UK’s CBD laws and what it has to say about these topics. 

  • Growing Hemp- Citizens of the UK can grow industrial hemp if they apply for a license from the Home Office Controlled Drugs Licensing department.
  • CBD Product Selling- In the UK, CBD products can be sold as long as their benefits are not advertised as medicinal. To make this claim, you will need a license from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.
  • CBD Importing- If you are importing CBD into the UK, then the laws state that you will not need a license for that.
  • Product Labelling- Brands can sell their CBD if no medical claims are made and a daily recommended dose below 200mg of CBD is stated on the product. Keep in mind that they can only be sold as supplements.

To learn more about these laws and conditions, read this infographic by Love CBD. Love CBD is committed to bringing you the best CBD products in the market. 

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