Securing your legitimate rights in the contract

A contract is the written agreement signed between the two parties in which one party is the party who provides the project or the job and the other party is the party that completes the project or the work done. An enforceable contract is the contract where both the parties are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of the contract. This type of contract is a binding on both the parties and assures both the parties at the time of dispute that their rights are protected and it should also have an enforcing agency.

enforceable contract

How the contract changes from ordinary to enforceable one?

  • Nature of the work: It should very clearly define the nature of the work, project and if it is job then it should clearly define as what exactly is expected from the person who is signing the agreement. It should also define as what will happen if the person fails to fulfill the expectation of the other party. It should also mention the agency which will ensure that the job or work is completed to the satisfaction of the work providing party.
  • Specific in nature: In order to avoid any dispute in the near future you should ensure that every condition is very clearly mentioned in the contract. It may make the contract lengthy but it ensures that no dispute arises between the two parties.
  • Enforcing agency: In order to have a real enforceable agreement enforcing agency should be there to ensure that the conditions of the contract are full filled. It also ensures that if any of the party fails to fulfill the conditions mentioned in the contract then it will make the defaulter party penalized for the same. The best way to have an enforcing agency is to get your agreement registered in the revenue department of the state. Hence, you can make the state as the enforcing agency.

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