Step-by Step Guide on Picking the Right Dog Bite Lawyer

Step-by Step Guide on Picking the Right Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites can be a painful and horrifying experience. Like with other animal attacks, a dog bite can lead to painful and severe injuries. If you have been bitten by a dog however, you are legally eligible for compensation for your injuries. But despite loads of dog bite information out there, most of it seeking to educate people on what to do after a dog bite, getting compensation after a dog bite can be a rigorous process. Again, full compensation can only be achieved through the help of a dog bite attorney. But getting the right dog bite attorney can be tedious just like choosing any other attorney. Here are tips to help you pick the right dog bite attorney for your dog bite compensation.

Contact your state’s bar association of qualified lawyers

State bar associations can be a great resource for finding qualified dog bite attorneys. They keep records of disciplinary actions and complaints against attorneys that practice in a given state. Again, local bar associations further offer free referral services to help clients pick a dog bite attorney that suit their dog bite compensation case. Use your state’s bar association of attorneys to find a list of qualified attorneys in your state, and then analyze each attorney to determine whether they are experienced to tackle your dog bite compensation case.

Consider your compensation claim

Besides representing you in court, a dog bite attorney should also help you define a compensation claim, depending on a realistic amount that you wish to be compensated. The attorney should be willing to represent you in court as you claim a certain amount as compensation. If the attorney isn’t willing to assist you lodge your compensation claim, then you can’t count on them to handle your dog bite compensation case.

Years of practice

Dog bite attorneys who have been in practice for long can be trusted to handle complex dog bite compensation claims. This is simply because they have relevant experience in handling dog bite compensation cases, as oppose to their counterparts who have just started practicing a couple of months ago. Therefore, when picking your dog bite compensation attorney, don’t forget to ask them the specific number of years they have been into practice. The more the years of practice the better, since it shows the attorney has vast experience needed to successfully execute your dog bite compensation claim.


If you are aware of someone who was bitten by a dog and was compensated for their injuries thereafter, request them to refer you to the attorney that helped them get compensated. They should also explain everything about the attorney at length, including the experience they had with the attorney. You can also get credible referrals from other lawyers if you don’t have someone who can refer you to a reliable dog bite attorney. Nevertheless, ensure you aren’t been referred to an attorney who has any links with your referees.


Picking the right dog bite attorney can help you get compensated fully for your injuries after a dog attack. Therefore, pick a reputable dog bite attorney who is up to task.

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