The Basic Steps In Starting A Business In The Netherlands

So, you have already made up your mind to go for freelancing job in Netherlands. You are about to receive so many good job variations, but only when you are with the baby steps to follow, before actually working over here. Before you head to start new business in Netherlands as freelancer or self-employed individual, you have to check out whether you are in need of Dutch residence permit or the work permit. You can visit the Dutch Immigration service IND for the best help. Here, you might have to comply some of the effective IND formalities before you actually go with Starting a business in the Netherlands now for sure.

For the EU nationals:

If you hold the nationality from any of the EU state, then you have the right to move anywhere in the European Union for self-employment services and without even needing help of registration under Dutch IND. You might not even have to worry about MFFA Tax Advice at all for sure. But, if you are not a member of the EU country, then first you have to apply for the resident permit at Dutch immigration center. There are some points, which will determine if your permission will be granted or not.

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Now for the points:

Your residency permit will only be granted if you have been qualified to be able to run a business on your own like a license or a diploma certificate. Moreover, you have to show your business plan and depending on the type of business you are planning to go for, the permission will be granted. The officer will check if your chosen business will help the Dutch economy. If it will, then you might get your residency permitted. The application is going to be reviewed very carefully and strictly. Therefore, you have to be very careful with the application presented.

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