The Four Ways to Get a Colorado Birth Certificate

The times are usually few and far between, but every once in a while you will find yourself needing a birth certificate Colorado. If you’re a normal American, there is a good chance your certificate might have been lost or damaged since the last time you used it. Never fear. There are ample ways to replace the document.

Phone Order

A phone order will have a faster processing time than many other avenues of inquiry, but it comes with a few unique challenges. For the state to be able to legally release a copy of a birth certificate, the requestor must be able to prove their interests in the documentation. For most people, this means proving it is your birth certificate or that you have a close familial relationship. In more obscure cases, the request could come from a court order or other legal avenue. Regardless, proving this over the phone will require patience. There is also a surcharge, and the state of Colorado has additional fees for processing credit or debit cards.

Mail Order

A mail order has a few advantages. You can simply enclose a copy of any necessary documentation to make the process painless. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and since credit cards are out of the question, it costs a little less money. Those advantages are paid for in time. The average turn around for a mail request is two to three weeks. If you need to expedite the process, mail is not an option.

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In Person

Going to the office in person is the most direct method to get a birth certificate in Colorado. There is still a processing fee, but you can pay cash or check and avoid surcharges. Most importantly, if the office isn’t too busy you can get same day service. Make your request, run some errands and then pick up the certificate. If you go this route, don’t forget to bring a proof of ID and proof of your relationship or legal interests in the certificate. Unfortunately, the advantages of in-person requests aren’t available to everyone. If you don’t live near an office or want to fight traffic, you’re out of luck.


Online requests have the most availability. You can walk through the request process at your own pace and make your case. The state outsources online processing, but they claim a turnaround of three to five business days. Some of the online services will have their own additional processing fees, so the cost can vary. If you want to make the most of this option, you should shop around and see what works best. Keep in mind, the sites listed on the government website are not the only available brokers. Many third-party companies specialize in government records and can make the process as painless, fast and affordable as possible.


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