Tips to protect yourself against a Bully Lawyer

Since most divorce procedures occur with spouses still angry with each other, cases of bullying are not uncommon. Less often the bullying comes from the other spouse’s lawyer especially if you don’t have a lawyer yourself. This can be scary and intimidating bearing in mind a trained lawyer is not someone you would reproach with law lessons or lawsuit threats. Luckily, the lawyer themselves can only threaten and not really do much that can affect the course of your divorce lawsuit.

Well, bullying can be annoying and you can be pushed to the limit by an aggressive lawyer, but you must maintain calmness to avoid falling into a possible legal trap set on you. If the bullying is coming from your own lawyer, then you shouldn’t hesitate ditching them and seeking help elsewhere. After all, changing attorneys during a divorce in Arizona is legally acceptable regardless of the stage of the divorce.

Read on for common forms of divorce bullying and how to handle bully lawyers.

Control bullying

If you are the one filing for a divorce and your spouse is not willing to sign the divorce papers without a fight, their lawyer may advise them to block your access to jointly owned financial assets in a bid to frustrate you and prompt you to change your mind. You can be inhibited from accessing community assets by a spouse if they were your only link to the assets by, say, denying you access to credit cards or refusing to provide for you when they are the family’s breadwinner.

You can counter this by requesting for division of some of the community property mid-case or filing for temporary spousal maintenance. The court will listen to your request and likely provide you with an order that ensures you get financial support for the period until the final verdict is given.

Paperwork bullying

Some attorneys will try to demoralize you by sending you loads of paperwork to fill out and requesting unnecessary corrections over and over. If you are unrepresented, you are likely to accept even pointless requests and slowly tire from “getting things wrong”.

Of course with your little knowledge of divorce law, you wouldn’t know which requests to deny and which ones to respond to. The best course of action to take is to ask the lawyer to write all their paperwork requirements in a single list and send it to you. You can then schedule an appointment with an Arizona divorce attorney to help you identify the requests that are worthy of a response.


Since most divorce lawyers do not work on contingency basis, you may struggle obtaining legal representation if you don’t have enough cash in your pocket for it. This should however not prevent you from making out with a fair share of the community property. All you need to do is get in touch with an experienced lawyer for comprehensive guidance on all the do’s and don’ts prior to facing the other spouse’s attorney.

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