Understand all about Family mediation

Family mediation is a conflict solving process whereby the third party called the mediator is appointed to help come to some conclusions and arrangements to solve conflicts. There are lot of conflicts we face in our day to day life, on which it is difficult to reach for the solutions, arrangements, here family mediation helps you resolve the conflict and reach into conclusions. 

Free family mediation services

Family mediation is a voluntary service, which helps in resolving the issue of separation. The main services are the separation agreement of couples, arrangement of custody of children after breakup of couples. free family mediation service is a confidential process which helps the parties in reaching a mutual agreement.

So how much does this family mediation process cost in terms of time and value?

So this  family mediation process is not that much time consuming as other processes , maximum to maximum this process may extend over  three to six weeks and it my stretch over a long period depending upon the case complexities. It may happen sometimes that the case can be completed in a small two- three hours meeting.

After the duration of the process, let’s talk about the cost the process will cost. In most of the countries, this family mediation process is free of cost that is it is treated as a voluntary service, and where it’s not voluntary it does not cost much. It is economical depending upon the case complexity of the dispute and the mediator or the person you chose to solve your conflict, his fees would compute the total cost of the process.

Furthermore, there are five stages of Family mediation which are as follows:

These five stages depict in a way the motive the mediator is trying to achieve. By achieving these motives, the process of Family mediation is completed. The five steps are explained below

The first step being the convening of the mediation process in which both the  parties decide to start the mediation process by appointing the mediator that is the person who will further intervene and further help to solve the conflict and come to some conclusion.

The second step is the step in which the parties decide the objectives that is what they want from the session; they convey the same to their mediator. So the mediator after going through all the objectives goes through the realistic assessment of the whole matter to come to some conclusion.

The stage three of this Family mediation process gives the parties reasonable opportunity of being heard likewise their opinions are given due consideration and are kept in mind while giving the final arrangement, and nothing is left unsaid.

The fourth stage of the Family mediation is the negotiation stage, where both the parties come on the table to prove their point on the decision of the mediator. This task begins with bargaining and negotiations between the parties.

The last and final stage of this Family mediation process is the closure where after deciding all the point the mediator takes the decisions.

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