What is a Poor Man’s Patent?

You may have heard of a Poor Man’s Patent, but is it a good idea? If you are seriously looking into protecting your invention, then a Poor Man’s Patent is not the best idea. Especially this day in age, a Poor Man’s Patent doesn’t really offer any protection to your invention. To secure a patent, you should consult with an Arizona patent attorney for guidance and advice.

What is a Poor Man’s Patent?

A Poor Man’s Patent was popular many years ago. The idea is to outline and draft your invention, then mail it to yourself with the date of creation. Back in the day, many authors and inventors thought this was good enough to protect their work. Many inventors even kept the envelope sealed and made sure that the date it was mailed was located on the package, thinking it proved even more authenticity.

However, there are many reasons a Poor Man’s Patent isn’t a good idea. These types of “patents” can be tampered with easily, especially with the advancement in technology nowadays. Over the years, the patent laws have also changed, making this method even more ineffective.

In 2013, the United State Patent and Trademark Office decided to do away with the “first to invent” idea. This means that it doesn’t technically matter who was the inventor first, it depends on who files for the patent first. Filing your invention with the USPTO makes it official and there is really no other way to receive legal rights for your invention other than obtaining an official patent.

It is expensive to file for a patent, but with the help of a skilled patent attorney Phoenix you will be able to get the protection you need for peace of mind. There is no real value in a Poor Man’s Patent, but there is in an official patent issued by the USPTO.

To receive any legal rights for your invention, you must put in the work and obtain a patent from the USPTO. A Poor Man’s Patent might have sufficed back in the day, but with the new patent laws in place, it has made them ineffective.

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