What is the Necessity for High Wycombe Party Wall Survey

Are you the building owner or you are an adjoining homeowner residing in the High Wycombe? The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 will affect the building project work, which usually involves construction done on the boundary wall; or excavation work done on nearby neighbouring building; or alteration done on shared wall with another property. If the kind of construction work falls inside the Act there is a necessity of the statutory notice defined within the act as “adjoining owners”.

Description of the Party Wall

The party wall is a common wall legally owned by both the homeowners. Both parties are equally responsible for modification or construction carried out on the party wall, keeping in mind the benefits of adjoining homeowners. Whether it is residential property, or commercial property or industrial property or institutional or retail property, there are walls, floors and fences that are owned jointly, and therefore, both the parties have to adhere to Party Wall Agreements.

Need for Party Wall Survey

It becomes necessity, as written within the purview of The Party Wall etc, Act 1996, to serve the notice to adjoining neighbours and each of the interested parties prior to starting the work. Three situations as covered within the Act, make it necessary to opt for High Wycombe Party wall survey. However, you also have to be sure that the Party Wall survey has to be done under the guidance of experienced Party Wall surveyors and not just anyone around. Jason Edworthy High Wycombe are the experts in surveying Party Walls in High Wycombe area.

Party Wall surveys are covered in these three sections:

Section 1 of the Party Wall etc, Act 1996 – This section given in the act will involve new buildings that fall either at or on the line of junction. The concerned party has to give at least one-month notice before starting the work.

Section 2 of the Party Wall etc, Act 1996 –The section looks into the construction work done on the existing Party Wall or the structure. Here the party involving itself in construction will need to show two months of notice to the adjoining neighbours before modification is done.

Section 6 of The Party Wall etc, Act 1996 – Construction works such as digging the drains, or foundations or anything which reduces the level of ground to a particular depth falls within purview of this section. Here a notice of at least 1 month is served to the adjoining property owner.

The notice to alter or modify the property is served by the property owner to the adjoining owner through a surveyor action on behalf of the building owner. In this case, the surveyor is given all the rights by building owner explicitly in writing. There are events where the neighbour may pose some problems in approving the changes proposed. Legal procedures fall in the place and Party Wall surveyor will look into the matter.

In the end, as the building owner, you need to be sure that your rights are sustained, without causing the disturbance to your neighbours. Party Wall surveyor is needed intentionally here.

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