Who Can File A Lawsuit For Wrongful Death?

When a loved one has died because of a someone’s wrongful act or negligence, a civil lawsuit for wrongful death can be filed to recover damages  There are specific rules as to who can file the lawsuit, what damages can be claimed and the time limit within which the wrongful death suit needs to be filed. Proper legal consultation with an attorney experienced in wrongful death litigation is essential to protect your family’s rights before the statute of limitations time limit runs out .

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal claim stemming from the loss of a family member/loved one due to a wrongful act or negligence.

This can often be due to something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly like a car accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident or a construction accident.

A lawsuit for wrongful death can also be brought for a death due to neglect and negligence over a period of care by medical personnel, caregivers or others.

Who can File a Lawsuit for Wrongful Death of a Loved One?

A Spouse can file a lawsuit for Wrongful Death of a loved one as can a domestic partner. Surviving children and step-children can also file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Can you Couple a Wrongful Death Lawsuit with an Action Brought on Behalf of the Victim’s Estate?

In many states, including California, a Wrongful Death Lawsuit which compensates the family for their monetary losses can be coupled with a “survival” cause of action.

A “survival” cause of action is when a victim’s estate itself sues for wrongful death damages on behalf of the deceased victim.

What are Wrongful Death Damages?

Wrongful death damages include Funeral or Burial Expenses. Funeral or burial expenses for a loved one can be very costly with a national average of a funeral being around $6000.

Wrongful death damages also includes loss of the deceased person’s income.

Compensation for Lost Companionship and Support can also be sought in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for the loss of the deceased’s companionship and support.

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