Why people subject to workplace harassment instead of standing against it?

This is a major question which arises in most of the minds that why a person subjects before that cruel person who isn’t even providing him his basic rights and is making him do unlawful things. Even in that scenario when the harassed person have a strong fighting back option in the form of strong employment laws present in the constitution and the legal firms with employment lawyers waiting for you to come and discuss with them and they will make a case for you and fight for your rights in the court. 

Even then there are several reasons due to which the person being harassed prefers to keep quiet over this cruelty rather than discussing it with someone else. Here in this article we will be discussing some of these reasons listed below:

Fear of losing job

This is one of the major reasons that make the person bow before the cruelty instead of standing against it. Every employee working in an office has a family to feed and he is already working so hard to make his both ends meet. And now if in this time of unemployment, if he loses this job too which is the only source of income for him and his family, from where he will earn his living afterwards? And this one thought is enough to make him bear all the hardships, mocking comments, over working and all other cruelties of his employer. He doesn’t even think of losing his job by just not being able to face the harassment and then end up jobless for the rest of his life

Lack of awareness of rights provided by the constitution

This is another reason of no voice against harassment in the offices and the workplaces. Because most of the employees working there don’t even know their basic rights which are provided to them by their constitution. So, they don’t even bother to visit any discrimination lawyer. If their employer is making them work more but is paying them too little, he is capturing their rights both as employees and basic human rights too. But the employees don’t even know that they have such protection with them. So, in the end they have no other option than just nodding before every cruel order of their employer no matter how much it is against the law or is nullifying their rights. 

Fear of society

Here comes another major factor which coerces the oppressed employee to seal his lips against all kinds of bullying, harassment or even unlawful commands instead of standing against them and fighting against them with the help of a legal firm and an employment lawyer and put a full stop to it. They just think that the society will make fun of them for leaving such a prestigious job for just not being strong enough to bear some criticism, but it is not the criticism indeed. It is harassment which is worser than that. And by thinking of that his family will take him as poor soul and a coward who just left his job on a small reason, he further loses his confidence.

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