Wise Things to Do After a Truck Trailer Accident

In December 2017, a truck trailer accident happened in Atlanta which left five people badly injured. Latest reports say that the fault is yet to be determined. In incidents like these, one of the wisest yet uncommon things to do is to have an Atlanta truck trailer accident attorney who would assist the victims who sustained mental, physical, and financial damages. But really, what are the wise things to do after sustaining a collision like a truck trailer accident in Atlanta?

The Consequences of Truck Trailer Accidents

Truck trailer accidents affect not only properties such as vehicles and trailers but more importantly, people who will become injured victims. Sadly, there may even be casualties from accidents. In instances like these, laws on personal injury arising from human relations will prevail.

Personal injury encompasses damages done to any person’s mind, body, and emotions. Negligence or lack of prudence of another person may cause such injuries. In cases like these, torts or damages are often claimed by the aggrieved parties in the form of reimbursement or pecuniary settlement.

Steps to Take After a Truck Trailer Accident

  • Secure the Accident Scene

When a truck trailer accident happens, remember that it is important to secure the resulting accident scene. Avoid or refrain from allowing anyone to move the vehicles involved in the mishap. Do not alter any part of the scene such as material skid marks on the road pavement, dents on the vehicle surfaces and detached truck trailer parts.

Likewise, avoid removing any important pieces of evidence that might help in the further investigation of the incident. This may involve people or component parts of the vehicles. If possible, take relevant pictures of the ensuing accident scene before moving anything.

  • Get Information

Remember to fetch and save information that will aid in the investigation. Such information may include the identity of the drivers involved in the accident, names of the passengers, number of passengers, the truck trailer plate numbers, vehicle type and others. If possible, secure contact numbers or any identification especially from the guilty party.

  • Seek Medical Help

This is common sense. Even if the passengers of the truck trailer or the other vehicles do not feel any obvious pain resulting from the accident, it is best to wait for a medical help to arrive. Usually, there are internal physical damages sustained by passengers from the accidental impact. In addition to this, the medical team can issue a corresponding medical report on the extent of physical damages sustained. This will surely become relevant for claiming damages.

  • Alert the Authorities

Of course, do not forget to alert the persons in authority like the police or enforcers. These people will be the one to conduct a thorough search and investigation of the accident scene. The police report that will be issued can be used as admissible evidence.

  • Seek Legal Help

Seeking legal help is very important especially when victims wanted to claim reimbursement of hospital expenses, compensation for lost livelihood due to the accident and pecuniary damages for physical and psychological injuries. A qualified and experienced truck trailer attorney can help deal with the settlement cases on the personal injury as well as claiming insurable funds for the accident.


Getting involved in a truck trailer accident is a crucial situation. Follow these tips to get yourself guided on the right steps to take during these cases.

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