You got a DWI in Minnesota; Now What?

When you’re in Minnesota and had too much to drink the last thing you want to do is get behind the wheel.  However you didn’t make the best choice and ended up getting pulled over and subsequently arrested for a DWI.  Now you need help.  Never fear, below are steps you can take to help your situation.

Getting charged with DWI in Minnesota is a serious offense.  The most important thing to do now is getting a Minnesota DWI lawyer.

The best thing to do is Google lawyers in your area and make a list of five that seem to be a good fit for you.  After you make the list call them on the phone and cut the list down to three of them which you have a good vibe with over the phone.  Then take a meeting with all of them and make your choice.  

During your meetings with the Minnesota DWI lawyers, it is best to have a list of questions to ask and here are some ideas for you.

Ask Why should I Choose You to Represent Me?

Make sure they are passionate about their job and have a vested interested in getting you the best result possible

Knowing the Judge and Prosecutor

Asking your attorney this question can save you a lot of pain and headache.  “Do you know the prosecutor or judge that will be handling my case and do they like you?”

Lawyers that have good relationships with judges and prosecutors are able to get better results.  However, keep in mind this doesn’t mean all the rules are out the window, but they will be able to maneuver your situation in your favor compared to a lawyer that doesn’t have the respect of the court.

Have you represented any clients for DWI?

You’ll want a St. Paul Minnesota DWI lawyer with experience in this category of law.  This will assure you the lawyer will know any loopholes when researching your arrest.

How much do you charge?

Unless you are a millionaire cost will be something to consider.  Since you’ll likely be paying for court fees, fines, and possible classes as part of your sentence.  You’ll want your dollar to go as far as it can with your lawyer although you don’t want someone that is too cheap.  You’ll want to look for both quality and affordability.  

What is your strategy for my particular case?

Getting a clear vision of what your potential lawyer has in mind as your defense will give you peace of mind throughout the process.  Having a focused plan helps you get better results, and will reduce your stress levels which are probably already high since your arrest.  

Negotiating a Wet Reckless Plea Deal

This point is extremely important.  Ask your potential lawyer if they have experience getting their client’s plea for a “wet reckless”.  A wet reckless is far less penalizing for you.  Often times prosecutors are willing to plea down to a wet reckless to still get the conviction on record and get to their next case, while at the same time you will feel like you came out a winner at the end of the day.

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